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Training and Development

Training and development of a protocol for image acquisition according to the objective of your project. The acquisition of images is an essential point of the work, as it is where all the data will be extracted, so we value excellence in training and guidance in image collection and offer local and remote training and assistance throughout the project. The training involves the use of drones, sensors and applications for aerial mapping.

Processing and Extraction​

Processing and extraction of image data for use in agricultural experimentation of varietal performance and management of agricultural inputs. Initially, we carry out a rigorous quality control of the images received and then we use our automated pipeline for processing and extracting data from the images with centimeter precision, that is, for each centimeter of the image we have valuable data for your agricultural experimentation.

The extracted data are used to accurately measure the vegetative cover, vigor, height and volume of plots throughout the season, producing highly reliable data for decision-making with statistical and scientific basis.

Web Platform Customization

Customization of the data visualization web platform according to the client’s needs and objectives. According to your needs, we customize the visualization of your data to focus on the results that really matter and make a difference in day-to-day decision making. We have incorporated the experimental map/design on our website, as well as all the data extracted in an interactive way so that the entire research team is kept up to date and also your product and marketing team can disseminate the results in real time.

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